Complete Guide to Understanding Different Paper Sizes (What Is A1, A2, A3, A4 ect?)

Date: 2022-02-18 06:58:46


A4, A3, A1 paper size: what’s hidden behind these letters and numbers? There are 11 sizes in the A series. And the countdown starts with format A0. And it’s not zero paper – on the contrary, this large sheet of paper is as long as an adult’s leg and as wide as a medium-sized dog. Time to sort out all the papers!

Here’s everything you needed to know about paper sizes. Why does the paper have an A format? And how many sheets of A4 paper would it take to cover our whole world? Next time your geometry teacher will tell you ‘bring A4 paper’, you’re gonna know exactly what’s behind this phrase.


Origami 00:00
Paper size of half a soccer field 00:45
A4 paper 01:17
Planck length 01:50
A0 02:13
A1 02:34
A4 02:50
How paper is made 03:00
How to count sizes 05:33
A-144 06:55
Space-time sheet 08:15

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