BIGGEST Castles On Earth!

Date: 2019-05-23 13:15:01


The largest castles and keeps on Earth! From the glistening white towers of feudal Japanese architecture to the Baroque and Gothic keeps of Eastern Europe

#10 Edinburgh [ed-en-bur-ruh] Castle
One of the oldest castles in Scotland, the castle of Edinburgh [ed-en-bur-ruh] dates back to the Iron Age in the second century A.D. The 385 thousand square foot structure was built upon the plug of an extinct volcano, called Castle Rock, that raises it above the city for which its named. This placement on Castle Rock has given Edinburgh [ed-en-bur-ruh] Castle a spot among Scotland’s beloved symbols due to its resulting iconic skyline. While it may not be the largest on this list, its history and significance among locals definitely places it as the greatest Scottish castle.
#9 Citadel of Aleppo [uh-lehp-poh]
In northern Syria, a 160-foot tall structure towers at the center of the city of Aleppo [uh-lehp-poh]. With a history dating back to the 3rd millennium BC, the massive hill this castle rests on was used by a plethora of cultures: Ayyubids [eye-yoo-bihdz], Byzantines [biz-en-teens], Greeks and Mamluks [maam-lewkz]. Identified as originating from an ancient temple for the ancient Mesopotamian storm deity Hadad [hah-dahd], this structure would develop over the years as a fortress for the armies that would pass through Aleppo [uh-lehp-poh] over the next 5000 years. The hill first became a defensive post under the rule of Greek leader of the Seleucid [see-lew-kihd] Empire and successor to Alexander the Great — Seleucus [see-lew-kuhs]. Establishing an acropolis on this ancient hill in Aleppo [uh-lehp-poh], the Greek control lasted until the Romans took the area in 64 BC. Evidence of the Roman reign is relatively scarce as muslim troops converged on the citadel in 636 AD, and the years following would be spent in conflict between various islamic dynasties. Mongols and central Asian armies would continue to attack the citadel as well and in 1400 AD, the citadel was actually demolished due to combat. It was then rebuilt and renovated multiple times over by the empires and governments that came after. Today the 428,447 square foot citadel is still utilized by rivalling forces in modern strife, and as such has received massive damage in recent years.