Biggest and Smallest Animal Organs Too Extreme to Be Real

Date: 2020-07-30 17:00:10


Talk about Brains! Do you know which animal has the biggest brain? And which mammal has the biggest brain-to-body mass ratios? Or what’s the smallest creature with a brain (it’s only the width of a human hair!) Or maybe you know what animal has a donut-shaped brain? (And the tube carrying food from their mouth to their stomach runs straight through it!)

Yeah, the world of animals hides tons of miracles that are sometimes hard to believe. Eyes the size of a soccer ball, a tongue that can be one and a half times the length of the animal’s body, animals with no stomach whatsoever — all these things seem to be so unusual that you’d think they couldn’t possibly exist on our planet. But these are just a few cool traits from different animals. So here’s another compilation of facts about animals that you probably didn’t learn in your biology lessons.


Brain 00:00
Heart 1:36
Eyes 3:25
Ears 4:55
Tongue 6:16
Stomach 7:44

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