Ants vs Termites: Two Bugs Facing Off Since Dinosaur Times

Date: 2021-02-15 11:00:06


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Something epic is going on in your backyard right now. Two contenders are facing off in the ultimate showdown: Ants vs Termites. Nothing new here! It’s a clash that’s been going on since dinosaur times!

In one corner we have the Ant. It’s famous for having super strength! If you had an ant’s lifting abilities, you could easily lift 50 times your own body weight! Ants also have one of the longest lifespans in the insect world, living up to 30 years!

The other contender: the Termite. Termites love to sneak into your house undetected by chewing through wood, paper, and even some other materials. If you got all the people together and all the termites in the world, the termites would outweigh the entire human population! Termites can clamp down their jaws faster than almost any other creature on the planet!

One’s got a serious sting, the other can send acid flying out of its head. Who’s who and who’ll come out on top in this ultimate showdown – the Ant or the Termite? 😲


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