Answer 10 Riddles Correctly to Escape the Maze

Date: 2020-09-30 16:30:48


So, you open your eyes and find yourself handcuffed in a small, dark room. Your sister is not with you, although you clearly remember walking outside together in the rain. Well, it seems you were kidnapped, and now have to get out. You’ll have to solve some tricky riddles to escape, and each time you’ll have 10 seconds to think…

Okay, I made the whole thing up! But logical puzzles are a great workout for your brain – they make the mind work more than anything else! It’s a great way to keep the brain fit. They train our attentiveness and test our logic. If you feel like your brain is a little sleepy, it’s time to show it these riddles and put it to work. Try to find answers to these tricky questions. If you don’t make things complicated, you’ll figure them out easily. Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Three buttons 0:22
Which door is safe? 1:21
Crack the code 3:06
Gloomy man 4:11
Which sister is the real one? 5:35
The riddle man 6:31
Labyrinth 8:10
RUN! 9:17

Music by Epidemic Sound

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