Animals With The Most Powerful Bites!

Date: 2020-01-30 14:15:00


Creatures with the strongest jaws in the world! From large cats and territorial herbivores to the sharp jaws of aquatic predators.

#13 Lion – 700 psi
Iconically renowned as the “King of the Jungle”, it may come as a surprise that lions aren’t the most powerful biters in the world. Even among large cats, the lion doesn’t have the strongest jaws. But that doesn’t make the great maned cat’s crunch any less lethal. Reaching up to 7 feet in length, and weighing as much as 440 pounds, lions are large hunters that will use their razor sharp talons and immense size to down prey while on the prowl in the savannah. Striking the final blow requires a bit more force, though, thus the necessity for its powerful bite. Exerting between 650 and 700 psi, lions are able to finish off prey much larger than themselves, leading to a meal for the whole pride.
#12 Kangal – 743 psi
The bite force of an animal is measured in pounds per square inch, or psi for short, and no other dog exerts more pressure in this measurement than the Turkish Kangal. This breed of dog serves as a shepherd, protecting their flock from predatory threats like wolves. The Kangal is also a very loyal breed, treating their humans similar to a flock of sheep, guarding their well being at all costs. Their bite measures in at 743 psi, an incredibly powerful clasp given their relative size difference to other animals on this list. While big among dogs, the Kangal breed reaches a height of just 32 inches and can weigh just under 140 pounds at most. A highly intelligent breed, these dogs are equally independent, which can make them especially difficult to train. But once loyal, the Kangal will be one of the most stoic, yet dominant, companions a pet owner could ask for.
#11 Bengal Tiger – 1050 psi
Surpassed only by its Siberian kin and the hybrid Liger, this large cat is among the biggest felines found on Earth. The Bengal Tiger can grow upward of 10 feet in length and may weigh as much as 700 pounds! It is the national animal of India and Bangladesh and is considered to hold great symbolic significance throughout the region. Despite this, however, these tigers face endangerment as their numbers dwindle, mainly due to poaching and human interference with their native habitat. The bones and body parts of these admirable cats are used in the production of traditional medicines throughout Asia, and as such have become widely valued on the black market. And as populations grow in Southeast Asia, communities have begun to infringe on the home territory of these tigers, and in the 19th century, locals were actually encouraged to exterminate the noble beasts. Nonetheless, the great bengal tiger possesses a bite force of 1050 psi which it uses to slay anything from deer to wolves to crocodiles, and even elephants!