Animals That Hate Each Other

Date: 2021-09-08 10:11:34


Biggest animal rivalries! From dogs and cats to lions and hyenas these animals often clash revealing their natural dislike for one another

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For the most part, Elephants and Rhinoceros can coexist peacefully amid African wildlife as two of the largest pachyderms in the world. But sometimes, these behemoths will come to blows for one reason or another and it’s not a very pretty sight. African elephants have the size advantage as they can weigh as much as 14 thousand pounds and measure 8 to 13 feet tall. To compare, the rhinoceros can reach around six feet in height and weigh up to three thousand pounds. And though the rhino is fitted with a massive horn capable of piercing into an animal’s underbelly, the sheer difference in mass and power is usually enough to work out in the elephant’s favor.

Throughout the savannas of Africa, lions and hyenas are often at each other’s throats as their hunting grounds overlap. When the paths of these two species cross, hostilities are almost guaranteed to ensue as they both will try to steal food from one another. Though a male lion will most often triple the weight of an individual hyena, the large cat can easily be overcome by a pack should it stray into hyena territory. Lions sometimes will go after hyena pups.