Animals Have Cooler Senses But We Have More

Date: 2020-07-26 03:00:06


Snakes have two additional senses that allow them to track their prey. Sharks have the most advanced tracking system underwater. Some deep-sea dwellers have organs that make them literally shine in the dark. Platypuses look weird but they can feel the movement of water around and react to any distress in it. And although still unclear how they do that, many birds and fish, such as pigeons or salmon, use the Earth’s magnetic field to their advantage.

Do these special give animals the edge over our human senses? Are our senses limited to what we can see, smell, hear, taste, and feel? Well, actually, we have many more than five senses that we’re used to describe. According to different estimates, we have from 22 to 33 of them! So let’s learn more about the cool abilities of different animals and find out whether our senses are really nothing compared to them.


Snakes 00:00
Sharks 0:33
Platypus 0:59
Deep-sea dwellers 1:22
Bats and dolphins 1:54
Vampire bats 2:26
Bees 2:50
Humans 3:06
Pigeons and salmon 3:36
Mantis shrimp 4:01
Pistol shrimp 4:32
Bumblebees 5:00
Octopuses 5:33
Elephants 5:52
Roundworms 6:15
Spiders 6:35
Astyanax mexicanus 7:08
Catfish 7:47

Gigantactis spp: By Theodore W. Pietsch, CC BY 3.0 ,
Anatomical drawing of a male C. elegans nematode: By K. D. Schroeder, CC BY-SA 3.0 ,
Animation is created by Bright Side.

Music by Epidemic Sound

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