AMAZING Animals That Saved Human Lives!

Date: 2019-08-08 12:15:00


Incredible tales of bestial heroism! From the house pets that look after their owners to the wild creatures willing to lend a helping hand.

#13 Rabbit Emergency
In 2004, Simon Stegall experienced a diabetic reaction that left him incapable of moving or asking for help. His wife Victoria had thought he was fast asleep as the television continued to play on. Luckily, he had snuggled up to his rabbit Dory, who apparently sensed something was off. Dory quickly began hopping and wiggling on Stegall’s chest which caught the eye of Victoria. Realizing she couldn’t arouse her husband, she swiftly called for medical assistance, all thanks to Dory’s alert.
#12 Alarm Cat
Gas leaks can be a silent assailant, catching residents by lethal surprise as poisonous gases like carbon monoxide fill the building. One night in 2007, the Keesling family experienced this nightmare firsthand in the worst scenario possible — every family member had already gone to bed. With no one to wake them, the family wouldn’t last through the night as carbon monoxide replaced the home’s oxygen. Fortunately, the family cat, Winnie, was up and aware of the foreign substance that seemed to fill the air. Winnie raced upstairs and quickly began pawing at its owner Kathy. By the time the cat successfully woke Kathy, her husband and son were already rendered totally unconscious by the gas. She somehow summoned the strength to get to her feet and dial for emergency assistance. Had she woken any later, or not at all, Kathy Keesling and her family would have definitely met a fatal end.
#11 Beluga Buoy
Working at an aquarium seems like it would be a fairly fun job. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to spend their workday swimming with dolphins and whales! Earning the part is no easy task, though, especially when your tryout diving experience goes awry. When Yang Yun applied for a whale training job at China’s Polar Land Aquarium, she experienced the unfortunate displeasure of a cramp in her leg and was suddenly unable to swim. As she floundered in the freezing waters, Yun felt the jaws of Mila, one of the tank’s beluga whales. Mila wasn’t looking for a snack, but rather trying to get a firm grip on Yun’s leg as it ascended. The aquatic mammal lifted the diver from the depths to the safety of the surface, saving her life.