Always Touch Your Car a Second Before Pumping Gas

Date: 2020-02-23 11:00:20


If you spend only a day at the gas station, you can see just about everything. The “get every last drop in the tank” types, the nozzle tuggers, the nozzle ripper-offers! And possibly even a few near explosions! So today, we decided to spread the most common mistakes people make while fueling up!

For example, do you remember that thing about static electricity igniting invisible fuel vapors? Well, get this: when you get out of the car, your clothes sliding against the seat fabric creates some static charge. And when you grab that metallic nozzle, a spark can happen. That tiny spark can light up those gas vapors!

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Putting gas in any container 0:24
Being distracted 0:55
Not looking at the pump screen 1:30
Topping off your tank 2:15
Using your card at the pump 2:38
Walking away while pumping 3:13
Not checking your tires 3:51
Not touching your car before pumping gas 4:20
Not washing your hands after a fill-up 5:00
Driving in circles 5:39
Not locking the car 6:10
Buying premium gas 6:40
Not knowing how to handle an emergency 7:20

– You can only pump gas into approved portable containers. You also can’t fill them up inside your car or its trunk because static electricity can ignite fuel vapors. Always put the container on the ground.
– Don’t assume all pumps are accurate and in perfect working order. Equipment can go bad, and gas station workers might not notice it right away.
– Topping off your fuel tank can affect your car’s performance and could possibly damage the engine because of the built-up pressure.
– There’s this thing called card skimming – which is when an illegal reader is attached to a payment terminal. Anybody can walk up to the pump and put that thing on there!
– If your tires are underinflated, you don’t get as good gas mileage. Then you end up spending more because you have to fill up more often.
– To dispel any electric charge on you, just touch a metal part of your vehicle before you reach for the nozzle.
– Keep some hand sanitizer with you at all times, and use it as soon as you’re done filling up. Don’t wait until you’ve reached your destination because you’ll already have spread those germs all over your car, phone, and your face!
– Look at the dashboard and find the small arrow near the gas gauge. If it’s pointing left, the car’s tank is on the left.
– Even if you’re quick about grabbing your snack or paying for your gas, skilled thieves will already have “slid” into your car, grabbed anything valuable, and fled the scene with time to spare!
– Get premium only if your car requires high-octane gasoline.
– Let’s say you place the nozzle inside the tank and suddenly see it’s caught on fire. First, don’t remove the nozzle – just back away. Shut off the fuel at the pump using the emergency shut-off switch.

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