All You Have to Do to Stay Safe in a Hurricane

Date: 2020-01-14 11:00:08


Hurricanes are the strongest storms on Earth with winds moving at least 74 mph. Hurricanes also bring billions of tons of rain as they travel, and that can cause flooding. They look pretty scary, but if you know what to do in preparation for, during, and after one hits, you have every chance to weather the storm!

If the authorities tell you to evacuate, don’t try to be a hero. You have to get into your shelter at least 2 hours before the hurricane is there. Even after you get the “all-clear” signal, you have to be really careful when going outside.

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What is a hurricane and how is it different from a typhoon? 0:17
How do hurricanes form? 1:22
How strong are hurricanes? 2:20
How should you get ready for a hurricane? 3:52
How to survive the storm? 4:52
What if you decide to stay? 5:32
What to do after the storm? 7:44

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-Depending on where it’s formed, a massive storm can be called either a hurricane (in North America and the Caribbean), a cyclone (in the Indian Ocean and Australia), or a typhoon (in Southeast Asia).
-These gigantic beasts are only born over warm ocean water that’s at least 80°F. Such water temperatures can be found in the tropics.
-There are 5 categories of hurricanes. By knowing the category, you can predict how much damage it’ll do from minor damage to making large areas impossible to live in for weeks or even months.
-Get storm shutters, make sure the garage doors are secured, and buy a generator. Prepare an emergency bag for each family member. Materials in it should last you at least 3 days.
-Before you leave your home evacuating, make sure you turn off the gas and water to avoid leaks and flooding.
-If for some reason you choose to stay in the storm area, it’s crucial that you find a sturdy shelter for yourself, your family, and your pets. You should close all windows and doors, and stay as far from them as you can, especially glass ones. Unless your house gets flooded, stay inside as long as possible.
-You don’t want to risk it, so you gotta be 100% sure it’s safe to leave your shelter. In case a house or building you entered has any signs of damage, leave immediately – it can collapse at any moment. If you can’t all the damage yourself, try to prevent it from spreading – cover openings with plywood or some other material or put some tarp on the roof.

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