Alkaline Water Test… Plus The Shocking The Truth About ORP Balls!!

Date: 2021-02-21 08:30:39


Alkaline Water Test… Plus The Shocking The Truth About ORP Balls!!

We hear the word ‘alkaline’ and many of us instantly think ‘good health’… Although, is that the truth?

This video gives you a clear indication as to the misinformation we are being marketed.

▶︎ Proof That Kangen Water™ Is REAL… The Best Test To Date!! –
▶︎ Saka Water v’s Kangen Water™ Test –
▶︎ Saka Water, Pureau & Kangen Water™ Hydration Test –

NOTE: I don’t perform the ‘CO2’ test (blowing into the waters) because it’s not a true test. Anyone performing this test doesn’t know what they are talking about, nor what they are doing. There are far too many factors and it’s actually not a ‘CO2’ test like they claim.

P.s. Apologies for when my dog snored in the background (haha).

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Disclaimer: Unfortunately, due to the TGA (therapeutic goods administration), as of 2019 we are not allowed to talk about specific health benefits/testimonials. I do my best to be as compliant as I can… and if I happen to allow my passion, personal experience, and witnessed experience get the better of me, I will have removed the shared information during video editing. Enagic®, Kangen Water™, or I do not diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any diseases. The human body is the ‘healing hero’ when it is fueled correctly. When testing other liquids, my focus isn’t to pick on any brand, it is to highlight the different types of waters as well as liquids. Clean water going into the Enagic® water ionizer is better than municipal tap water.