AC Was Invented Because of Mosquitoes

Date: 2019-12-05 17:00:03


Believe it or not, but you have to thank mosquitoes for the invention of air conditioning, or, at least, its forefather! No one loves them in the 21st century, but back in the 19th, those guys were a real nightmare. Things were especially bad in swampy areas of Florida.

A local physician and inventor Dr. John Gorrie was trying to find a way to drain the swamps, and while he was at it, he got this revolutionary idea in 1841. He realized the problem was literally in the air. So cooling the air could fix it!

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Thank mosquitoes for this invention! 0:21
The first electrical air conditioning unit 1:30
Mass public appearance 2:03
How the central air conditioner works 4:01

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– Dr. John Gorrie arranged shipping of buckets of ice from frozen lakes and streams in the North of the country into hospital rooms in Florida.
– By 1851, he designed an air compressor to make ice out of water. The mechanism was powered by a horse. This is how the concept of air conditioning was born!
– A few decades later, engineer Willis Carrier designed the first electrical air conditioning unit with cooling coils and air filters.
– Air conditioning made its first mass public appearance at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. The 1,000 people in the auditorium definitely loved the idea of comfort cooling.
– It was good enough for public buildings, but still too large and expensive for homes. It took a couple more decades for engineers to design something perfect for private houses.
– Today’s air conditioners work on the principles of Carrier’s invention but are, of course, more energy efficient, much quieter, have way better diagnostics and controls, electronic sensors and are made of better materials.
– The outdoor unit consists of a compressor, condenser coil and a fan. Another vital player in this process is the refrigerant.
– The heat from the air inside your home mixes with the refrigerant and moves through the compressor and to the outdoor coil.
– It’s important to squeeze the gas tightly because the higher the pressure, the higher the temperature.
– There can be an indoor unit in every room of your house, or the ones you need to keep cool, or one unit in the closet or the basement, or somewhere inside your house.
– The hot air from the room is sucked in through the return vents. Then, the air meets the refrigerant. At this stage, the hot air loses its heat and moisture.
– The expansion valve helps it blow off some steam and lose some extra pressure.
– Then the refrigerant goes from liquid to gas and is ready to move over the ice cold evaporator coils.
– Each and every detail in the air conditioner is super important, and even if one of them goes off, the whole process will stop.

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