A Quick Quiz to Check If You’re As Smart As a Primary Pupil

Date: 2020-02-04 11:00:10


Has it been years since your last pop quiz? Do you still remember what they taught you back in school? Why are plants green? What’s your largest organ? What unit measures electrical resistance? Can you pass the test by getting at least 28 questions right? Let’s see!

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What’s the longest river on Earth? 1:21
How many vertebrae are in a giraffe’s neck? 2:07
Which of these animals can’t jump? 2:59
What is fire? 3:36
What in the world are spiders? 4:23
Which mountain peak is the farthest from the center of the Earth? 5:45
Which planet has the most natural satellites? 7:04
What part of the plant is a potato? 7:57
How many chromosomes do humans have? 9:08
What’s the closest living relative to dinosaurs? 9:57
How many times can a bee sting? 10:44
What’s the biggest desert on Earth? 11:55
What animals can breathe underwater and on land? 12:38
What are hair and nails made from? 13:50
Which particle is NOT included in an atom’s structure? 14:43
What’s the smallest continent? 15:46

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