A Journey Through Your Nervous System

Date: 2020-07-07 11:00:09


Right now, a bunch of things is going on inside your body. And perhaps the most important of them is the work of your nervous system. Pinch yourself now. The place you’ve just pinched has lots of neurons, just like anywhere else. When you pressed the skin, they flared up and sent the information about pain to the brain, which reacted by sending back a message that it hurt. It all happened in less than a millisecond, but the signal traveled several feet there and back!

So, have you ever wondered how the nervous system works? And why is it so important? How about to look inside you and figure out what it’s doing and how? Well, the most important nerves are going through your spine and brain. This thick cluster of nerves is called the central nervous system, or CNS. It’s responsible for everything you do. Can you imagine that? Absolutely everything!


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