A Giant Wall Was Discovered at the Edge of Our Universe

Date: 2022-01-31 11:15:59


Would you like to travel to the edge of our Universe? I’ve always wondered what it looks like: if there’s a giant black hole at the border or maybe a portal to another Universe… Here’s the answer! Scientists claim they’ve discovered a giant ‘wall’ at the end of our Universe.

This wall of galaxies is at least 1.4 billion light-years long. And it is situated right behind the Milky Way galaxy, in a place called the Zone of Galactic Obscuration. The galaxy’s brightness must have kept the wall shrouded in plain sight. Maybe that’s why we had no idea it existed before…


Traveling through space 00:00
100 000 galaxies 00:33
South Pole Wall 00:48
How the Wall was detected 01:43
Huge Large Quasar Group 02:54
Supermassive black hole 04:28
Virgo Supercluster 05:09
Voids 06:12
Bubble Universe theory 06:50
Parallel Universe 07:31

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