A Genuine Reason Why Bus Seats Are Covered In Patterns And 10 More Secrets

Date: 2022-04-16 04:00:21


Have you ever sat on the bus and wondered why the seats are covered in strange multi-coloured prints? They look like they’ve been there since 1980s, right? Actually, they are there for a reason and you might find it pretty appalling when you learn about it. This pattern serves some purpose and I’m ready to share it with you.

Some more unusual facts about vehicles are coming your way! We all know that school buses are yellow, right? But have you ever wondered, why indeed yellow – not orange or green? Also, I finally learned why buses have huge steering wheels. Another question about vehicles: why do many trucks have thos stuffed toys attached in front of them?


Patterns on bus seats 00:00
No seatbelts 00:42
Yellow school buses 01:42
National School Bus Glossy Yellow 02:12
Steering wheels 02:25
Stuffed toys 02:48
Road trips 03:30
Stand still for 30 min 04:18
Different book covers 05:05
Paper quality 06:03
Blank pages 06:38
Doctors handwriting 07:25
Songs duration 08:00

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