A Desert Town of 80 People That’s Only 5% Complete

Date: 2019-12-24 11:00:09


Imagine this: you’re driving around the Arizona desert, about an hour north of Phoenix, when suddenly, you see a city rising above the sands. It’s all made of giant futuristic arches and looks pretty much empty. All this sounds like a sci-fi movie plot, but it is, in fact, real!

The experimental town of Arcosanti is located 70 miles away from Phoenix, at an elevation of 3,700 feet. Its construction was started in 1970, and never actually finished. Right now, the town is only 5% complete, even though there’s constantly work going on out there.

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Why that man decided to build a town in the desert 0:42
The blend of architecture and ecology 1:37
No cars! 2:17
Why the construction still hasn’t been completed 4:53
What you can see in the city 5:46
Btw, life there isn’t’ boring at all 7:15

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– The idea belonged to Paolo Soleri, an Italian-American architect.
– Soleri believed that instead of building out, people should build up, and that cities shouldn’t be designed around cars, but around humans.
– He came up with the idea of “arcology”. “Arcology” is actually a blend of architecture and ecology.
– “Arcology” despises cars and roads: everything you could possibly need should be within walking distance.
– Elevators, escalators, and moving walkways would be the only kind of transportation you’d need to go places.
– Soleri believed all the buildings and their inhabitants must interact as cells, tissues, and organs in a highly evolved organism.
– A lot of students, architects, journalists, filmmakers and other enthusiasts believed in his concept and the idea of working hard to bring it to life.
– It soon turned out that some of his ideas were too expensive to bring to life, which slowed the process down.
– Today, 40 years later, the construction still hasn’t been completed, and there are around 80 people still living and working in Soleri’s new urban concept testing ground.
– As you go for a walk, you’ll see 12 other major constructions, including an amphitheater, a lab, a pool, a music center, a crafts center, and housing for residents and guests.
– Residents are allowed to have 12 cats and eight dogs, so you’ll see quite a few pets in Arcosanti.
– Around half of the population is “semi-transient”, which means they plan to spend somewhere between 6 months and 5 years here, but no longer.
– If life in Arcosanti sounds boring to you so far, here’s something you should know: Around 50,000 people from across the world visit the place every year.
– Arcosanti gets most visitors during concerts and festivals that are held in the local amphitheater. Their most famous festival is FORM.
– The Cosanti Foundation is now responsible for the Arcosanti project. Its co-president, Jeff Stein, says although they might never be able to actually house 5,000 people like it was originally planned, Arcosanti can play a really important part for the future of our planet.

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