9 Things You Need to Check Before Selling Your Smartphone

Date: 2020-01-16 03:00:02


Every year, the next big thing emerges on the smartphone market, and here you are once again deciding the fate of your current phone. If you think it’s time to finally move on, hold your horses.

You don’t want to sell your old phone without going through the right steps! Make sure you don’t leave any personal data, such as pictures, music, and so on, on it. Back up your account information and go through all your apps deleting them manually. you can protect your personal information even further by filling your smartphone with dummy data. Copy some larger files to the memory and encrypt it once again.

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Remove all paired devices. 0:20
Back your files up. 0:42
Back up account information. 1:47
Delete apps manually. 2:35
Turn off all the anti-theft measurements. 2:54
Encrypt data on your phone. 3:20
Prepare your phone for the factory reset. 4:11
Reset your phone. 4:52
Some Additional Tips & Tricks 5:21

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-It’s easy to share data between your phone, tablet, and laptop but it’s just as easy to forget to unpair them. Do that first, and only then take care of your phone.
-Start with your pictures, music, and other files. If you have any network disk app on your Android phone, it probably already uploads all the photos you have. If not, then get yourself covered with any of them in the App Store. It’s pretty much the same on an iPhone.
-If you’re an Apple user, you need to connect your phone to a computer, select the device you want to back up, go to the Summary tab, and then choose the Backups menu. Android users will find the backup menu in the phone’s Settings.
-Resetting the Phone may leave behind some cached information from apps. And this cache could include your personal info or even saved passwords.
-Find the anti-theft stuff in your settings and switch it off. If you have some additional anti-theft apps, get rid of them too.
-Encrypting lets you mix data around so it becomes unintelligible without proper access to it.
-A Google account protects your Android from the factory reset by default, so you need to remove that account from your device before you do this step. For iPhones, go to the Settings app menu, chose the Messages line, and turn off iMessage. Go back to the Settings app and turn off Face Time too.
-Android users will find the right option in the Backup & reset menu of their Settings. For iOS, it’s in the General tab under Settings.
-Check the battery’s health and overall condition before selling your phone. It should at least shift the price one way or another. You can protect your personal information even further by filling your smartphone with dummy data. If, for some reason, you weren’t able to follow these steps before selling your smartphone, then try to recall if anti-theft apps were still on it when you did that.

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