9 Riddles That’ll Stump You Unless You’re Intelligent

Date: 2020-02-22 11:00:03


Has this ever happened to you? You find yourself holding two shirts, not knowing which one to choose? You take a long time to pick one of many travel destinations? However unexpected it may sound, we have some riddles that can teach you to make the right choice faster! They seem simple at first sight, but don’t relax — it’s just an illusion!

By the way, scientists have proven that riddles help you boost your thinking abilities and improve your attention span. Are you ready to solve some tricky puzzles to flex your brain muscles? Fair’s fair – at the end, you’ll get to know how well you’ve done!

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Trick or treat? 0:27
A difficult choice 1:45
Hidden sweets 2:51
Stolen money 3:41
A Game with coins 4:51
Who’s left-handed? 6:15
Memory Loss 6:42
A trapped coin 8:36
Mislabeled boxes 9:08

– A detective entered a restaurant and witnessed a heated argument between a waitress and a customer. The waitress claimed that the man had ordered a steak and was now refusing to pay for it. The customer, in turn, denied ordering the meat, saying he was trying to save money and came an hour ago just to drink some coffee. How did the detective realize the waitress was trying to deceive the customer?
– Thomas was a traveler who needed to get to town Z. He didn’t know which way to pick. Only one led to the town. Luckily, he saw two men standing nearby. The problem was that one of them always lied, and the other always told the truth. But Thomas didn’t know who was who. The men agreed to answer only one question. Which question should it be?
– There are four cups on the counter, all of them upturned and hiding the same number of sweets underneath. Near each of the cups, there is a sign that says how many sweets are under it. The signs are: “Five or six,” “Seven or Eight,” “Six or Seven,” and “Seven or Five.” Only one of these signs is correct. How many sweets are there under each cup?
– An elderly man and his wife lived in a big house with several servants. Once, the wife got ill, and the man left her $100 on the table to buy medicines. After that, he left home. But when the woman was about to go to the pharmacy, she couldn’t find the money. Who stole the money?
– Right in the middle of a party, two guys, Eric and George, started an argument. The reason for their disagreement was a beautiful girl Blair who hosted the party. Both guys liked her, but she wasn’t interested in either of them. To distract the boys, Blair invented a game. The winner would have a chance to go on a date with her. The question is what strategy Eric should choose to win?
– Look at the picture attentively and say which of these men is left-handed.
– You placed a coin into an empty bottle and plugged it tightly with a cork. How can you remove the coin without breaking the bottle or taking out the cork?
– There are three boxes: the first one contains only red balls, the second — only yellow ones, and the third box contains red and yellow balls. All the boxes are mislabeled, and the labels say “red,” “yellow,” and “red & yellow.” You’re allowed to take just one ball from one of the boxes. After that, you have to say which color is in which box. The question is which box you should choose?

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