9 Rare But Amazing Events Almost Never Seen Before or After

Date: 2020-02-03 17:00:06


What occurrence would you call rare? A one in a million chance? A once in a lifetime moment? Nah, that’s child’s play! What about something that happened only once or twice in history?

Have you ever heard, for example, that the Mississippi River has been spotted running backward three times? Or that Niagara Falls was gone once? Or that in 1859, auroras of all shapes, sizes, and colors filled the sky in half of the world, going as far south as Jamaica, Hawaii, and Cuba? Those are challenges worthy of a true wonder seeker!

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The Mississippi running backward 0:28
Catching a real-life Kraken 1:27
Going to the borders of the Solar System and beyond 2:40
River Piracy 3:51
The ‘Wow!’ Signal 4:33
Tunguska Meteorite Explosion 5:40
Niagara Falls dried out 6:29
The Carrington Event 7:27
Observing the rarest thing possible 8:35

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Uranus moons: By NASA/Wikimedia, Public Domain ,
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– In 1812, the Mississippi River stood still and then went backward because of a so-called ‘fluvial tsunami’, which originated from an earthquake nearby.
– On February 22nd, 2007, fishermen on the San Aspiring ship became the first and only to capture a thousand pound squid alive.
– Funny thing is that this colossal squid appeared to be a small one, even at 15 feet total length.
– Voyager 2 discovered 11 moons around Uranus that were never seen before. Three years later, in 1989, it also found rings and 6 new moons around Neptune.
– It took only 4 days in 2016 for the Slims River to almost completely dry out because of this event, which is certainly one of the rarest occurrences ever.
– On August 15, 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman was going through his normal routine at the Big Ear radio telescope at Ohio State University.
– It has no natural explanation, nor can it be explained as a part of human interaction or a malfunction of a radio telescope.
– On June 30th, 1908, in Russia’s Central Siberia, an object went through the atmosphere of the planet and then exploded right over the tops of the trees.
– The echo was heard over 500mi away from the explosion itself, which wiped out more than 800mi2 of the forest.
– Other nearby waterfalls go frozen or dry regularly, but finding one day that Niagara Falls itself was gone, was probably the scariest event in someone’s life.
– It happened in 1848, when a particularly powerful ice-cold wind led to a build-up of snow and ice up the river from Niagara Falls.
– Auroras, also called northern lights, are a miracle specific to only the Northern regions of the world, except on the 1st day of September 1859.
– That day, auroras of all shapes, sizes, and colors filled the sky in half of the world, going as far south as Jamaica, Hawaii, and Cuba.
– Xenon-124, the sturdiest tiny brick in the fabric of reality. It takes more time for an atom of xenon-124 to fall apart than has passed since the Big Bang – a trillion times more time, to be fair.

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