9 Places You Should NEVER Go Swimming

Date: 2018-12-27 15:15:00


The most dangerous places you should avoid swimming in! From shark-infested beaches to bursting bodies of water

#9 The Strid
Along the Yorkshire countryside, an English river carries on through mossy stones and grassy meadows like a babbling brook straight from a storybook. But this is no mere creek or stray stream as this area known as the Bolton Strid connects directly to the River Wharfe, a wide channel of rushing water. So what happens to that strong current in the Strid? It aims down! The horizontal currents that pull the water of the River Wharfe downstream become vertical as a series of waterfalls and slopes cause the water to calm on the surface but flow swiftly downward beneath it. This has resulted in shelves forming underwater that act as traps for any creatures or people that should be so unlucky as to get pulled under the current. No one knows how many have been taken by the Strid, but local legend says no one has ever gone into the Bolton Strid and walked out alive.
#8 Hoover Dam
Standing along the border between Arizona and Nevada at more than 725 feet tall, the towering man-made Hoover Dam is responsible for the creation of Lake Mead, a reservoir formed from the Colorado River. This impressive structure has amassed its share of casualties since its creation. During its construction, 96 industrial fatalities were reported with dozens more lacking evidence of direct correlation to the job. In the past decade alone, more than 275 people have perished at the dam, falling victim to its 10 powerful, hydroelectric turbines. One individual, however, narrowly survived the swim in recent years.
One August day in 2017, 28-year-old Aaron Hughes of the United Kingdom decided to go for a dip during the celebration of a friends bachelor party. In the span of 30 minutes Hughes swam from the Colorado to the Nevada side of the river, all the while fighting a swift undercurrent. It wasn’t until he arrived on the opposite beach that he learned all but one of the dam’s turbines had been turned off that day! Hughes was lucky, becoming the first living man to swim that close to the Hoover Dam and escape with his life…plus a $330 fine from local authorities. Besides Hoover Dam, other dams can have large bellmouth spillways with extremely strong currents that can suck a person into them. It’s safe to say you should never swim near a dam.