9 Of The BIGGEST Dinosaurs That Ever Lived!

Date: 2019-04-04 13:45:00


The largest, most intimidating dinosaurs that ever lived! From the biggest boneheaded and three-horned herbivores to the titanic carnivores of the Cretaceous period

#9 Utahraptor
The smallest of the theropods to make this list, the Utahraptor has a special place on this list as the largest of its feathered, running, raptor-esque family known as Dromaeosauridae. While Hollywood depictions give the impression that raptors are slender and lithe, the Utahraptor is more akin to the bulk of a polar bear. Thanks to an enormous tail the size of the rest of its body, it’s estimated to have reached 19 feet in length. It’s large, imposing build puts weight predictions for the North American beast at possibly 1,100 pounds or heavier according to scientists.
#8 Pachycephalosaurus
The largest and sole representative of the thick-headed lizards on this list, Pachycephalosaurus is most well known for its boney skull which can reach a density of up to nine inches. Its head was so thick, in fact, that the skull of a Pachycephalosaurus could survive as a fossil while the rest of its bones deteriorated. Beyond its calcium crowned cranium, which also came adorned in spiky protrusions, this dinosaur is believed to have been normally quite peaceful as a suspected herbivore. Though, studies also have shown evidence of intense breeding rituals resulting in scarring which indicates the Pachycephalosaurus would clang domes with its kin over dominance. It’s large size, with the Wyomingensis species being larger than average at one half to one ton and 14.8 ft., made for especially brutal collisions.