9 Home Exercises Melt Away Fat Like Butter

Date: 2021-05-27 06:50:17


Home exercises – that’s what everyone can do, if they don’t have extra time or gym membership. If that’s your case and you don’t have any equipment at home either – no worries, this set of cardio exercises is exactly what you can do. We’ve gathered different variations of squats, pushups and crunches here for you. Time to melt some fat, burn calories and build muscle strength! 😎

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0:00 Strengthen your core and increase flexibility
0:46 How to do squats
1:28 How to do jumping jacks
2:01 What muscles do push ups work
2:55 Get rounder glutes with reverse lunges
3:41 Fat-burning cardio and core strengthening
4:28 Work your obliques to get rid of muffin top
5:42 A great exercise to boost endurance
6:27 Whole upper-body workout in 1 exercise!

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