8 Wild Facts About the Male Body Even Men Dont Know

Date: 2022-04-06 13:00:11


Our bodies are unique complex mechanisms – they’re one of the most complicated and fascinating living forms on Earth. We’re all alike and different in so many ways. We all come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with different personalities, tastes, and even hair colors. But there’s certainly no competition – we’re all amazing in our own unique way.

In this video I’m gonna show you how amazing male bodies are! You’ll learn why testosterone is one of the key factors for male physical attributes. Also, you’ll find out why men have a better eye for distant moving objects. By the way, did you notice that most of the time, the men in the room are likely feeling a little too warm… Why so?


Men and women 00:00
Testosterone 00:47
Skincare 02:10
Room temperature 02:28
Circulatory system 02:55
Eyes 03:17
Larger teeth 04:28
Snoring 05:38
Adam’s apple 07:00
Eyelashes 08:00
Something in common 09:05

– Testosterone is one of the key factors for physical attributes considered uniquely male. This includes markedly higher hair growth on men’s bodies, for example, on their chests and faces;
– Think of your skin as a rubber eraser: the thicker the eraser, the longer it will last. But when wear and cracks start to appear, they are more pronounced;
– The main cold receptors in the male skin are kinda desensitized. This doesn’t mean that men are biologically built to live in the middle of the Arctic, but their tolerance to cold temperatures is definitely higher;
– Men have a better eye for distant moving objects;
– Men have more testosterone receptors than women, which leads to a different organization of the neurons in the visual cortex;
– The typical male smile is full of bulkier and squarer chompers;
– Sleep studies show that every four in ten men are likely to be habitual snorers − that’s 40% of men compared to 24% of women;
– A larger size of the male larynx contributes to another unique feature of the male body: the Adam’s apple;
– Men have a higher hereditary chance of growing longer and thicker lashes;
– Men’s testosterone levels tend to spike and then drop, depending on the season of the year. When these fluctuations happen, this can result in side effects, such as fatigue, cramps, increased sensitivity, irritability, and mood swings.

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