8 Dinosaurs That Could Beat T-Rex in a Fight

Date: 2022-03-29 07:38:04


When you think about dinosaurs, which one comes to your mind first? Let me guess, T.Rex? It is definitely the most popular Dino, but definitely not the scariest. Let’s take a look at the most terrifying creatures that inhabited Earth millions of years ago.

You’ll see a dinosaur with such a strong bite that it could crash a car. Another Dino looked like a giant lizard. One more weird-looking Dino on the list had curved and sharp claws. It was the world of really scary-looking creatures back then. Here’re 8 dinosaurs much scarier than T.Rex.


The king of dinosaurs 00:00
Spinosaurus 00:58
Giganotosaurus 02:13
Utahraptor 03:40
Allosaurus 04:18
Diplodocus 07:27
Quetzalcoatlus 07:58

– T.Rex was very smart, with a brain twice as big as that of any other large meat-eating dino. It was slower than other hunters, developing a speed of up to 12 mph;
– Spinosaurus was the largest carnivorous dino. It was bigger than T.Rex and could grow almost 60 feet long. Its weight could be as great as 22 tons;
– Giganotosaurus, which is the Greek word for “giant southern lizard,” was considered the largest meat-eating dino;
– Giganotosaurus had two arms with sharp claws. It was mostly an opportunistic meat-eater feeding on everything it found on its way;
– Utahraptor was a mini T.Rex that lived 125 million years ago;
– Allosaurus, which means “a different lizard” in Greek, was a massive carnivore reaching 40 feet in length and weighing 2 tons;
– Allosaurus was already fully grown by the age of 15. And its lifespan was around 28 years;
– Therizinosaurus was one of the freakiest dinos out there. It lived 100 to 60 million years ago;
– “High-spined lizard” or Acrocanthosaurus lived 110 million years ago;
– Diplodocus didn’t look scary: long-necked, gentle, peacefully munching on plants until it used its tail like a whip, making even the scariest meat-eaters back away;
– Quetzalcoatlus was the biggest flying animal ever. It lived 70 million years ago and controlled the skies of North America.

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