8 Body Parts You Cleaned Wrong Yesterday

Date: 2020-12-02 12:04:23


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Neglecting to wash and take care of some parts of our body can lead to serious problems. We all know that we should wash our hands thoroughly but there are other body parts that require better hygiene than we thought. For example, if you still use cotton swabs to clean your ears, best look a bit lower, at your belly button. When did you last clean it? There’s a lot of stuff going on there: scientists have found a veritable rainforest of bacteria in the human navel. And some of them are bound to be harmful.

Or what about your tongue? Even if you brush your teeth twice a day and use a mouthwash every time, you might still notice you’ve got bad breath. This could be caused by bacteria on your tongue, so consider cleaning it too. This is especially true if your tongue is coated with some whitish film. We respect human nature and want to present a compilation of important parts of our body that we may not be treating the right way.


Belly button 0:03
Ears 1:41
The areas behind your ears 3:06
Tongue 3:38
Nails 4:42
Piercing 5:14
Feet 6:26

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