8 Basic Skills to Survive When Seconds Count

Date: 2020-10-06 15:39:40


In an emergency situation, even the most everyday items become extremely valuable. It’s very important to know what to do in such situations and how to use these things to save your life. Do you know, for example, what to do if you get bitten by a snake? Or how to find out whether a bite came from a venomous or a non-venomous snake? There are around 600 venomous snake species, and you should look out for vipers and cobras. Each has a different type of venom and needs different treatments.

Or imagine this. You’re chilling at home watching TV, and suddenly you hear an eerie whooshing noise. It sounds like a soft gush of wind, but you confirm there’s nothing there after checking all the doors. The next day, you feel pressure in your chest, and it gets worse as the week progresses. Then chest pains follow with a dreadful feeling of exhaustion. You can’t help but think there’s something wrong with your body, but the problems are within your house… So, today we’ll tell you about 8 things you should know in a critical situation.


Snake bite 0:05
Allergic reaction 1:34
Hypothermia 2:58
Tornado 3:59
Carbon monoxide poisoning 5:13
Falling through ice 6:21
Inside a hot car 7:10
Tsunami 8:01

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