70 Short Body Facts to Make You Feel Special

Date: 2020-04-16 03:00:13


Did you know you can actually dissolve razor blades or power a light-bulb using your brain? Have you ever heard that no matter how often you take a shower and change clothes, every inch of your skin has about 32 million bacteria on it? Or that if all iron contained in the body was collected, it would be enough to make a 3-inch nail?

We tend to think that we know everything about the human body. We know how they work and what kinds of changes and processes are occurring in them every second of the day. But in fact, the human body is one seriously complex and mysterious thing that sometimes confuses even the most qualified specialists. It’s a really impressive mechanism — let’s dive in to find out more!

Fat breathing 0:43
Body parts that have no muscles 1:09
Humans really glow in the dark! 1:36
Your stomach can blush 1:42
Snoring volume 2:08
Your eyes can breathe 2:22
Extra rib 2:54
When your sense of smell turns off 3:47
A pint of sweat 5:18
Who can see 100 million colors 5:58
No hair no sense of hearing 6:22
How to ease claustrophobia 7:07
Overlapping of senses 8:17
Your tongue can gain weight 8:35
Your eyes see the world upside down 9:13
A unique bone 9:41

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