7 Natural Disasters That Might Happen in the Next Years

Date: 2020-08-02 03:00:03


It happened 74,000 years ago, and it was one of the Earth’s largest explosive eruptions. It caused a global winter that lasted for years. Volcanic gases were ejected into both hemispheres and moved all around the planet. The eruption created the famous Lake Toba, which covers an area of 436 square miles. The Toba volcano is still active, and if a similar eruption happens again, it will directly affect both Indonesia and Malaysia. But Toba could also pump out enough gas to affect the whole world’s climate.

There is no bigger force than nature. Every year natural disasters occur all over our planet. Despite the fact that we can fly into space, we still can’t withstand the forces of nature. Let’s find out which natural disasters are possible in the future. From bad solar storms to global earthquakes and meteor strikes, these catastrophic events might threaten the world in the near future and affect millions of people.


The Lake Toba Super Volcano 00:00
The Hilina Slump 1:01
A North Sea Tsunami 2:00
The Cascadian Trench “Big One” 3:22
The Sun’s “Big One” 4:35
A New Asteroid Impact 5:58
Yellowstone Volcano7:09

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The pipes with natural gas from the Ormen Lange field: By Bair175,
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Data derived from NaturalEarthData.com, 10m datasets: By Alicia.iverson,
Artist’s impression of asteroid deflection using an innovative ring-array solar collector: By Sergv22,
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