7 Minutes to Bigger Arms No Equipment Needed

Date: 2020-05-24 11:00:07


How to get bigger arms in a month? Every 30 days, 6 trillion emails are sent worldwide, and 80 million stars explode in the universe. We don’t know if those events are related somehow, but 30 days is also enough to pump up your arms and fill out your t-shirts with muscle! Trust me, I’d know, and here’s what I did!

For starters, I measured the thickest part of my biceps: 14 inches even. I did it again 30 days later to see my progress, which ended up being more than I’d ever guess! I didn’t buy any gym equipment – just used my own body weight at home! But, guys, keep in mind that your arms aren’t just about the biceps. If you want really big arms, you need to work on your triceps too. So, here are exercises that’ll help you get the arms of your dreams in no time.

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