7-Minute Workout to Lose Love Handles at Home

Date: 2020-07-02 03:00:04


How to get rid of love handles? Despite their cool name, there’s nothing good about the unsightly fat that accumulates on the sides of the abdomen. Because of its location, most people assume that a typical ab-workout will blast them away. But that’s not true. You need exercises that specifically target the love handles in order to say goodbye to them.

This home workout is designed to specifically target the area on the sides of your abdomen. You will not need any equipment, just your own body weight and dedication. Towards the end, you’ll find some explanation and tips to speed up the whole process. So, if you’ve always wanted to burn fat from the sides of your belly, it’s time to get started!


Jumping Jacks 00:00
Jump Squats 0:49
Side Plank Hip Lifts 1:14
Bicycle Crunches 1:40
Russian Twists 2:07
The Spiderman Crawl 2:41
Standing Side Crunches 3:12
Plank Hip Dips 3:40
Oblique V-Crunches 4:07
The Windshield Wipers 4:37
Pulse Ups 5:06
Crab Kicks 5:28
Ab Stretches 5:50
Oblique Stretches 6:06
Why fat collects around your waist 6:42

Music by Epidemic Sound

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