55 Quick Body Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Date: 2020-03-02 03:00:06


Do you think you know everything about your own body? Are you sure? How about the fact that 25% of an adult’s bones are in their feet? Or that taste buds aren’t actually those bumps on your tongue? Or that some people can hear their eyeballs moving inside the eye sockets? (That must be no fun.)

By the way, your eyes are an amazing instrument! They can distinguish between 10 million different colors! And the muscles that help your eyes focus make around 100,000 movements a day. If you want to make your leg muscles move as much, you need to walk 50 miles!

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The fastest muscles 1:32
The human DNA 2:00
How much skin cells your body sheds 2:51
Where your taste buds are 3:41
Why your skin wrinkles in the water 4:28
Human bones are a real paradox 5:23
What smell blindness is 6:11
When dehydration can end a person 6:23
Fingerprints can grow back? 7:01
Your brain’s memory capacity 7:26
The tiniest bone 7:45
The largest organ 7:55
Why dimples on the lower back appear 8:37

– Your stomach gets a new lining every 3 to 4 days! This way, your body prevents the stomach from digesting itself!
– By the way, if you decided to count all those numerous nerve cells in your brain, it would take you up to 3,000 years.
– In their lifetime, the average person processes more than 100,000 pounds of food – that’s more than the weight of 7 elephants combined!
– During just one day, all the blood in your body travels more than 12,000 miles. That’s half as long as the distance around Earth!
– An adult uses around 200 muscles to make just one step!
– Every minute, your body sheds more than 3,000 skin cells. It’s almost 200,000 skin cells per hour and more than 9 pounds per year!
– By the way, taste buds also have a very short life cycle. They live for no longer than 10 to 14 days. So they get a very short taste of life.
– Your brain uses more than 20% of your body’s energy even when you’re resting.
– Human bones are a real paradox: they’re almost 5x stronger than a steel bar with the same width but can fracture on impact and are rather brittle.
– Fingers don’t have muscles that can make them move. All the muscles that move the finger joints are located in the forearm and palm.
– If a person has anosmia (also called “smell blindness”) they can’t distinguish and detect smells.
– The strongest muscle in your body based on its weight is your jaw muscle.
– Even if fingerprints are badly damaged, they still grow back with their original pattern!
– The average person has about 250 hairs in each eyebrow. These hairs get completely replaced every 4 months.
– Your brain’s memory capacity is equivalent to about 4 terabytes on a hard drive – which is more than 8 million photos!
– The largest organ in your body is your skin.
– Your skull may feel like it’s all one piece, but, in fact, it consists of 29 different bones!
– Your right lung is shorter than the left one because it has to leave some room for your liver.
– By the time you turn 60, you’re likely to lose 50% of your taste buds.
– When you listen to music, your heart starts beating in sync with it.

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