50 Quick Riddles That Will Increase Your Intelligence

Date: 2020-02-02 17:00:00


Hey there! Today, instead of a riddle marathon, we’re going to have a riddle race! It’ll boost not only your logical skills but also your reaction because you’ll have just 5 seconds to guess the correct answer! Make sure to remember how many riddles you got right!

If you crack 10 to 15 short riddles, well, it’s likely not your day today. Try having a good night’s rest and practice a bit more tomorrow! If you have 16 to 30 correct answers, maybe it’s time to start working on your reaction! If the number of solved riddles is 31 to 41, you’ve done a good job! And if you have a score of 42 to 50 cracked riddles, you must be a genius with at least a couple of diplomas!

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You’ve drawn a long line. How can you make it longer without touching it? 0:44
I exist until you get to know me. As soon as you learn me, I disappear. What am I? 1:03
It exists for millions of years but it’s never older than one month. What is it? 1:18
Where does tomorrow take place earlier than yesterday? 1:33
I have 6 faces and 21 eyes, and still, I can’t see. What am I? 1:45
I connect two people even though I touch only one of them. What am I? 2:52
I’m lower with a head on than without it. What am I? 3:06
It’s always served but never eaten. What is it? 3:19
You always answer me even though I never ask you any questions. What am I? 3:49
What color is the wind? 4:24
How can you turn six into an odd number? 4:36
What will you have if you get 3 blackberries and 4 apples? 5:28
What water can you eat and chew? 6:14
Which table doesn’t have legs? 6:41
What kind of bee won’t sting you if you try to catch it? 7:22
I only live if there is light. But once the light’s shining on me, I disappear. What am I? 8:26
It’s not alive, but it grows. It doesn’t have lungs but it needs air. What is it? 8:44
Why are all the rivers in the world rich? 8:59
What kind of tree can you easily carry inside your hand? 9:14
Why is the Moon like a dollar? 9:27
What is a seven letter word that contains hundreds of letters? 10:37
What’s the difference between yesterday and tomorrow? 11:03
What can be lost but never returned? 11:22
What kind of dog never bites? 13:33

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