50 New Things Discovered in the Last Decade

Date: 2020-03-02 17:00:16


We’ve had so many new discoveries and fun facts that brought us closer to understanding how the world works. For example, in 2010, a yellow-bellied lizard finally evolved to give birth. It’s a species of an Australian lizard that reproduces by laying eggs! Let’s go back in time and check it out!

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– The world’s tallest building opened in Dubai. It’s the Burj Khalifa and it stands at 2,723 feet.
– Experts found some sharks in the Gulf of Mexico that are as small as 5 & 1/2 inches. They look like mini sperm whales.
– The space shuttle Discovery, which had been active since 1984, took its 39th and final flight in 2011.
– A person put a grape cut in half in the microwave to discover that it caught fire. Scientists later used that experiment in their physics studies.
– NASA landed a rover on Mars called Curiosity. It was the 4th one sent by NASA and it cruised around to find out whether there had been life on Mars.
– A new research by the National Academy of Science found that aging apes experience the same midlife crisis we humans go through.
– Scientists discovered bacteria can use minerals in soil to conduct electricity despite their tiny size. Really shocking news.
– The California Institute of Technology reported that there are at least 100 billion planets in our galaxy alone.
– Scientists discovered that cheetahs don’t overheat when they run at 70 mph despite being the fastest land animals.
– A full lab-grown burger was finally made. It took 2 years to produce and it cost 325,000 bucks. Cows across America began to have hope.
– NASA’s MAVEN Spacecraft reached Mars for its mission to study the red planet’s atmosphere.
– Scientists studied 48 bird species for over 4 years, and they finally announced that according to genetics, birds evolved from dinosaurs.
– Bottled water was sold more than carbonated soft drinks for the first time ever.
– A paleontologist isolated a fossil from 440 million years ago and it was the oldest fossilized fungi ever found.
– A 16-year-old was asking a fast food chain through social media for free chicken nuggets for a year, and it worked.
– Experts found that citrus fruits go all the way back to the foothills of the Himalayas.
– The world’s oldest message in a bottle was discovered in Australia and it was around 132 years old. It had been thrown from a German ship called Paula in 1886.
– During a solar eclipse, scientists found out that bees stopped buzzing. When the moon blocked the sunlight, they all just went quiet.
– Scientists discovered a new organ in our body that contains little spaces filled with fluid and it holds up to 20% of our body weight.
– Mars Opportunity Rover’s mission ended after 15 years because of a powerful sandstorm that damaged all communications.
– A stolen Picasso painting was finally found in March of 2019 – it was recovered after 20 years by an art detective.

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