5 Things About Planes Pilots Won’t Tell You

Date: 2020-12-22 01:56:23


That might create enough force to suck something small out of the hole, like an unlucky carry-on. Airplane windows are round because that way, the air pressure is evenly distributed. If the windows were square, air currents would be able to find a weakness, and they’d crack easier. Loss of pressure can lead to something way more serious, an in-flight fire. And it’s not the only reason a fire would break out on a plane. But what happens when a plane goes on fire? How dangerous is an engine fire on a plane? And what are the common fire hazards in the aircraft?


Can a plane fly with a hole in the side? 0:11
An engine fire on a plane 0:49
What else can catch fire 1:50
Why pilots can’t have beards 2:53
Is lightning dangerous for planes? 4:05
Why you feel more emotional on a plane 4:45
“Airplane air” 6:03

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