4 Isolated Islands That Are Probably Smaller Than Your House

Date: 2020-08-26 03:00:06


From a distance, Migingo Island looks like a desolate rocky chunk on Lake Victoria. But zoom in closer, a little more, and you’ll see that grey color isn’t rocks – it’s rooftops! 131 people live on this ½-acre piece of land. Doesn’t sound like much of a crowd – after all, they’d all fit into one modestly sized movie theater auditorium! But the compactness more than doubles the most densely populated city in the world: Mumbai, India.

Most of the island is covered with rocks. There’s barely any vegetation growing there, save for a tiny patch of green grass with a couple small trees growing on it. Locals make 3 times what they would on the mainland but most of the buildings are made from steel sheets. Let’s find out more about one of the strangest places on Earth. By the way, it’s not the smallest inhabited island in the world.


Migingo Island 0:01
Bishop Rock 2:35
Just Room Enough 4:57
Suwarrow Island 6:41

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A picture taken on October 5, 2018, shows a general view of Migingo island: By YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/East News,
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