38 Facts About China Most Foreigners Don’t Know

Date: 2020-04-15 17:00:19


The Middle Kingdom. The Red Dragon. The Sleeping Giant. Steeped in history, legends, and mystery for many – it’s everything you never knew about China! Even if you have been to China and you love the local cuisine and you’re learning the language, chances are, you still don’t quite understand what this country really is.

Why are dragons sacred in China? How long is China’s Great Wall and why was it built? Why did the mirror have mystic significance in ancient China? Why can’t you find the 4th floor in some Chinese buildings? It’s one of those countries that raises more questions the more you try to find out about it. So here are some facts that you absolutely must know before you travel to China.

Why is it called the Middle Kingdom? 0:14
How ice cream was invented 0:40
Something you didn’t know about chopsticks 1:09
Chinese legend about the creation of the Universe 2:25
The Stone Forest 3:07
How big Giant Buddha is 3:22
The Great Wall isn’t just one single wall 3:45
The earliest form of soccer 4:33
Red wedding dresses 5:11
Where’s the 4th floor? 5:18
What feng shui actually is 5:34
How many Chinese characters are there? 6:00
Chinese inventions 6:47
The beginnings of Rap 8:10
All pandas belong to China 8:38
Legend behind the Chinese zodiac 9:00

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