35 Space Facts Make the Night Sky More Mysterious

Date: 2020-04-27 03:01:35


Hey guys! Here’s another compilation of surprising facts about space! Space is an amazing place that we are continuing to learn more and more about. It’s hard to imagine how huge our galaxy is and how much of it we don’t yet understand. For example, did you know that the ocean on Jupiter is larger than any other in the Solar System? But unlike Earth’s oceans, it’s made not of water but of metallic hydrogen!

Or have you ever wondered what the future of our galaxy is? Well, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy are going to meet in 3.75 billion years. They’re moving toward each other at breakneck speed! So what will happen when the two galaxies collide? The Moon isn’t a sphere – it’s shaped like an egg. There’s a gigantic red spinning storm on Jupiter. The Sun’s surface is colder than its atmosphere. Let’s figure out what other surprises space has for us!

Space isn’t supposed to be black 0:16
A moon that looks like a ravioli 0:47
Temperature fluctuations on the Moon 1:10
The Moon’s gravity 1:42
Giant spinning storm 2:20
Dark energy and dark matter 3:00
The mysterious Kuiper Belt 3:19
The most productive scientific instrument 4:04
Volcanoes that spit ice 4:50
Flashes of light in space 5:06
Diamonds that fall from the sky 6:01
How massive our sun is 6:18
The deepest sound in the Universe 7:31
How old Mercury is 8:09
Black holes at the center of Milky Way galaxy 8:37

Credit: NASA Image and Video Library and ESO/MPE
Animation is created by Bright Side.

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