32 Richest Men and Women You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Date: 2020-05-21 03:00:06


Who are the world’s richest people today? When you’re trying to answer this question, you probably have certain names popping into your head. But rich people aren’t necessarily famous all around the world. Have you ever heard about Jack Ma? He’s one of the wealthiest people in Asia with his $40 billion. After graduating from college, he was rejected from many jobs, even for the position of a fast-food worker. Today, he’s the founder of a leading internet marketplace.

Or do you know who Alice Walton is? She’s currently the richest woman in the world! She’s one of the heirs of a discount shopping empire worth $54 billion. But she didn’t want to focus on the family business. She instead went into charity programs and supporting art. So, guys, you wanna know how to become rich? Maybe you wanna have more money than the wealthiest person in human history? Well, this information might be useful to you!

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Oprah Winfrey: By GP/MPI/Capital Pictures/Capital Pictures/East News,
Steve Jobs: By AFP/EAST NEWS,
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Mark Zuckerberg: By Philippe Perusseau/KCS/East News,
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Leonardo Del Vecchio, 2011: By Luck1112,
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