31 Riddles Only Make Sense If You’re Paying Attention

Date: 2022-02-15 20:25:54


Do you often examine information in profiles on social media? Be careful! Some of the profiles you come across might be fake. But only an attentive eye can tell a real profile from a fake one… All you need is extra attention to detail, super scrutiny and well-trained analytical skills.

These 30+ riddles will challenge your attention to detail and brain power. Get ready for super hard questions. But if you manage to crack all of them, you’re a real Sherlock. The result will be rewarding!


Fake profile 00:00
What’s wrong here? 01:45
The correct desk 04:00
Who’s lying? 04:22
Who is the criminal? 05:20
The spookiest house 05:40
Which way? 06:14
What’s wrong here? 07:00
Find similar images 07:30
The maze 08:00
Who’s in danger? 08:53
Who’s lying? 09:32
Who’s faking? 10:10
Who’s the criminal? 10:35
The report 11:25
Who’s lying? 12:08

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