26 Short Facts That Explain Lots of Confusing Things

Date: 2020-02-07 11:00:05


Just when you think you have this world figured out, all these questions pop up in your mind: why do car rides and rain make you sleepy? Why do airplanes have a hole in the tail? And which water extinguishes fire better, cold or hot?

Do you know what makes us perceive the clouds as white? Or why dogs kick their legs when you rub their belly? Or why most big space objects like planets and stars are round? Well, those answers and plenty more coming your way!

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– Storm clouds may seem to turn dark, but it’s just an illusion. Thin clouds on a sunny day let the light through and scatter all the colors of the light spectrum.
– Leaves don’t really change colors – they just lose their green pigment.
– When a mosquito breaks your skin, your immune system perceives the insect’s saliva as a foreign substance and starts making histamine.
– Zebras probably have their stripes as protection from bug bites. The stripes seem to dazzle the insects, and they can’t make a controlled landing.
– Most salt in oceans and seas comes from land.
– Rain makes you drowsy because the sky is overcast, and without sunlight, your body produces melatonin – the very hormone that makes you sleepy at night.
– Cats regularly lick themselves to prevent skin oils from gathering on their fur.
– Your stomach “growls” when you’re hungry because your digestive muscles are contracting to sort of warm up in preparation for a coming meal.
– Cats love boxes so much because they make great hiding places. No predator can sneak up on them from behind, yet your cat can still observe its surroundings without being seen.
– Dogs kick their legs when you rub their belly thanks to the so-called scratch reflex. That perfect spot your canine loves so much is full of nerves that go straight to the spinal cord.
– Driving already makes you drowsier after 15 minutes into your trip. The reason is your seat vibrating at low frequencies, lulling your body and brain.
– Flamingos turn pink because they live on a certain kind of blue-green algae and brine shrimps.
– As people get older, their hair follicles start to lose pigment cells.
– A comet’s tail is created by the Sun. Its heat turns some of the comet’s material into vapor and releases dust particles trapped in the ice.
– If a space body is too small, like an asteroid, its mass and gravity aren’t strong enough to form a spherical shape.
– The temperature of the water you use to extinguish a fire does matter. And surprisingly, hot water can put out the flames faster than cold.
– Most cruise ships are white because they typically sail in hot tropical climates. The white paint reflects sunlight better than any other color and keeps the ship nice and cool.
– When your body warms up more than normal, your brain reacts to this potential danger by releasing sweat from the over 2 million glands scattered all over your body!
– Bees make honey to have something to eat all winter, when there are few or no flowers (their main food source).
– The holes in some types of cheese are made by bacteria used in the production process.
– Fresh rain falling on dry ground smells so nice thanks to a unique mixture of ozone, plant oils, and bacterial spores.

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