26 Psychological Tricks to Convince People to Do What You Want

Date: 2020-02-20 17:00:01


In a room full of people, do you tend to hide in the corner? Blend into the wallpaper? Maybe even sneak under the rug? Even the shyest people can use certain psychological techniques that will persuade others to listen to them.

For example, if you don’t feel comfortable meeting new people or talking in front of an audience, trick your brain into believing that you do! If you need someone to agree with you, nod your head while you’re speaking. Your companion is likely to subconsciously mirror you and start nodding in response. So, guys, if you wanna communicate in a more confident way, these ideas also help you to make a good first impression, improve your communication skills, and attract attention.

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Eye color is important? 1:20
Mention your Mom or Dad 1:52
Keep silent! 2:43
Admit your unimportant mistakes to others 3:17
Give people 2 options 3:37
How to remember names of people 4:09
Use body language properly 5:04
Be excited! 6:30
Chew gum 7:07
Use the Halo Effect 8:22
Play the “full authority card” 9:05

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– If you expect that someone might disagree with your opinion, take a seat not across from this person but next to them.
– Even the shiest and most reserved people love talking about themselves.
– Eye contact is a crucial part of any social interaction, but how long it lasts is even more important.
– The best way to make people think about some idea is to repeat it again and again.
– To help people in your social environment to trust you, admit your unimportant mistakes to others.
– If you need a person to do something for you, ask them to do you a bigger favor first.
– After you get to know someone’s name, use it a couple of times right away. It’ll help you to reinforce the name in your mind.
– Do NOT repeat your companion’s gestures. You’re supposed to only assume a similar overall body posture!
– After finishing your speech during a meeting or negotiations, look people in the eye and wait in silence. A determined look always affects how other people perceive your words.
– The human brain is wired in a funny way: it believes that when you eat, you’re safe.
– If you want someone to make a particular choice, provide them with a list of at least three options, with the one you need them to pick being the last.
– Be as direct with what you want from people as possible. If you use the phrase “I need you to…,” people will believe that you have the authority to request something (even if you don’t).

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