25 Extremely Rare Things in This Universe You Can See

Date: 2020-07-09 03:00:06


Our planet always knows how to surprise its inhabitants: it displays fire rainbows, nacreous clouds, volcanic lightning, black holes, and water sprouts. These amazing natural phenomena are awe-inspiring – but very rare. On the bright side, they’re still something you can witness in real life! The world is full of all sorts of mysterious sights, and it’s exciting to know that we haven’t seen everything in the world yet.

Did you know, for example, that three or four times a year, you can see a huge bright ball in the night sky? A supermoon is 13% bigger and 30% brighter than a regular full moon. You can see this phenomenon when the Moon reaches its perigee – the closest the satellite comes to Earth in its elliptical orbit! Or have you ever heard of a harvest moon? Giant and orange, it appears in the sky close to the beginning of fall. Nature does have a way of astonishing us! And here are some of the most uncommon wonders in the Universe.


Solar Tsunamis 00:00
A Supermoon 0:45
A Harvest Moon 1:10
Fire Rainbow 1:28
A Stacker Rainbow 1:56
Volcanic Lightning 2:18
Nacreous Clouds 2:47
Fire Whirls 3:15
Penitentes 3:41
A Black Hole 4:05
Waterspouts 4:37
Moonbows 5:06
Meteor Showers 5:31
Whirlpools 5:59
Rainbow Clouds 6:21
Supernovae 6:47
Hypernovae 7:16
A “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse 7:46
Pele’s Hair Lava 8:05
Fogbows 8:32
Aurora 8:56
An Electric-Blue Volcano 9:28
Catatumbo Lightning 9:56
Halo 10:19
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot 10:46

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