24 Body Tricks That Feel Almost Like Having Superpowers

Date: 2020-05-28 11:00:16


How to fall asleep faster? And how to wake up faster? How to overcome anxiety? There’s a reason I ask all these questions. Today my leg refused to wake up, and it gave me pins and needles. Then I almost missed my dentist appointment because I was sleepy. And I spent too much time there because my mouth is so sensitive! If only I’d known these tips, this day would be much better.

Okay, here’s the cool trick to distract yourself at the dentist. You can listen to music or hum a tune, but it may bother your dentist and you don’t want that. Better, raise one of your legs up slowly and hold it in the air. When your leg gets tired, switch to the other one. You’ll be so occupied, eventually, it’ll be easier to sit through any procedure! Wanna know other tricks to keep your body under control? Then check out these tips!

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