23 Scary Natural Phenomena Happening Somewhere Right Now

Date: 2020-08-21 08:18:34


Fire tornadoes, tiny algae that destroy sea mammals, birds, and turtles as well as creatures that feed on them, and bubbles that underwater volcanoes produce even while they’re sleeping are some of the scariest natural phenomena are happening somewhere right now. It seems that modern science has an explanation for everything that happens around us. But as it turns out, nature has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve.

For example, when frozen methane in the Siberian permafrost melts, it transforms into gas and boom – there’s eventually so much of it the ground explodes! It leaves behind huge craters, changing the eco-system of tundra. And no one knows when it’s going to pass the “point of no return.” So, let’s take a look at the most amazing and scary natural phenomena and anomalies. Some of then still can’t be explained by scientists.


Fire whirl 0:01
Waterspout 0:27
Tornado 0:53
Avalanche 1:25
Lightning 1:47
Mudslide 2:15
Red sea 2:41
Landslide 3:08
Sinkholes 3:37
Underwater volcanoes 4:01
Ice tsunamis 4:26
“Milky sea” 4:46
Foamy storms 5:13
Wildfire 5:38
Earthquakes 6:34
Volcanic lightning 6:57
Murmuration 7:22
Exploding under-ice methane gas 7:49
Bright red lake 8:10
Colorful clouds 8:40
Dust storms 9:02
Red rain 9:27
Penitentes 9:51

Music by Epidemic Sound

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