23 Flight Secrets Airline Don’t Want You to Know

Date: 2020-01-22 11:00:03


Do you like to travel? If you answered “yes, of course”, chances are, you spend a good deal of your life up in the air. Planes get you to your destination in not time, driven by life and pure magic. You seem to know them well, but I bet there are some unanswered questions.

Find out how can you get a free extra meal on your next flight? What do passengers do to annoy them the most? What am I talking about here? It’s flight attendant secrets and nightmares finally revealed. Stay till the end to find out what they might be calling you behind your back! Alright, here we go.

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They’re judging you during boarding. 0:23
And one of them is counting you! 0:38
Some passengers take life vests from the plane. 0:56
They’re not kidding when they ask you to turn your electronics off. 1:10
If you use the bathroom before takeoff, they let the pilot know. 1:30
Flight attendants aren’t paid to help you lift your bags. 1:49
Their schedule is intense. 2:04
They don’t all know each other. 2:30
You make their job harder by roaming the aisles after takeoff. 2:53
You’re allowed to ask for more food! 3:16
You can get better service in the back of the plane. 3:33
Bottled drinks are your best friends during the flight. 4:02
Flight attendants aren’t waiters. 4:21
They aren’t your personal butlers either. 4:44
They don’t have ALL the answers. 5:07
They can’t stand when you stick your used napkin in your cup. 5:25
You can open the bathroom door from the outside. 5:41
The cabin isn’t the cleanest place in the world. 5:55
Flight attendants know if you use aerosols on board. 6:20
There are rest compartments for the crew. 6:32
They ask you to lift the shades for a reason. 6:48
They can spice things up if they want! 6:59
The crew has their own secret language. 7:20

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-If you’re acting a bit off as you get on the plane, they might mark you down as a potentially problematic passenger.
-During boarding, they’re holding a special counter to keep track of how many passengers have boarded!
-If your life vest is missing, it’s probably become a souvenir for a sticky-fingered passenger before you.
-If everyone uses their phones, it can seriously interfere with communication between air traffic control and the cockpit!
-The plane won’t take off until you’re out of the bathroom.
-Flight attendants only get paid for actual flight hours.
-There’s no fixed work week.
-In most cases, the crew only learn who they’re flying with right before the trip.
-When passengers choose to stretch their legs or go see a friend in the other row, it starts a traffic jam.
-There are some leftover meals on almost every flight. If you’re hungry for more, it never hurts to ask!
-You can normally get the best service in the back of the plane.
-The onboard tanks it comes from don’t get cleaned that much.
-Their main duty is to assist the captain in keeping things on board safe and acting fast in case of any unexpected situations.
-If you just want a glass of water, you can stretch your legs and go get it.
-Don’t use the call button to ask the crew where the plane is flying right now.
-They have to fish napkins out and throw them away separately, and that just wastes their time.
-If your kid is stuck inside or something, you just have to lift the lavatory sign and slide the knob into the unlock position.
-The tray tables just get a quick wipe down with one rag for all the rows.
-A hair spray or deodorant will set off the alarm if you use it on board.
-Larger airplanes have little hidden rooms for the crew to rest.
-The emergency-exit shades must be up so that the flight attendants can see if it’s safe outside before they open the doors.
-You can sometimes see flight attendants make it more of a stand-up comedian piece or even dance on board!
-PAX is short for passengers. UM is an Unaccompanied Minor.

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