21 Ways to Turn Your Phone into Something Cool

Date: 2020-04-16 11:00:31


How to make your smartphone more useful? It seems like smartphones can do it all these days. But they can’t turn themselves into a mounted TV! Or erase scratches on the screen with a household ingredient you use every day! That’s where you’ll need some smart tips!

Do you know, for example, how to get ultra-sharp macro photos? Or how to make sound much louder and get a stereo effect? Or how to turn your phone into a mounted TV? No? Then check out these 21 best tips for your smartphone and find out how to turn it into something cool!

Get ultra-sharp macro photos 0:20
Use your glasses as a stand 0:32
Keep a charger cord from breaking 1:02
Make your own phone mount for the car 2:03
Amplify the sound 2:54
Get a stereo effect 3:09
Water-proof your device 3:38
Turn your phone into a mounted TV 3:56
Make a full-on projector 4:15
Avoid of those tiny scratches 5:14
Use your touchscreen in the winter 5:41
Use your front camera not only for selfies 6:02

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