21 Things Hotels Should Have But Don’t

Date: 2020-05-25 17:00:31


What do hotels offer for free? Tiny shampoo bottles, creams, and soaps — it’s always nice to preserve the memory of an interesting trip by getting some useful things from the hotel you’ve stayed in. There are a lot of interesting and useful things that you can get for free. Most of them are obvious, though. We collected some things you would definitely like to see in a hotel room. Of course, if you want to have the best kind of rest possible.

Have you ever wondered, for example, why more hotels don’t have better minibars? Most minibars have little to no healthy snack options. Some hotels let guests choose what snacks they’d like to see in the room, and more should do the same! And wouldn’t it be nice to have a small bottle of complimentary water in your hotel room? And yes, in the 21st-century hotel, there should be at least SmartTV to connect to all your favorite streaming services.

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