21 Sea Creatures Get Scarier the Deeper You Go

Date: 2020-11-17 08:47:28


Wildlife never ceases to astonish us with its diversity. You’ve probably never even heard of many of the creatures living on our planet, while their appearance will make your eyebrows go all the way up. “The deeper you go, the creepier they get.” You’re about to travel to the darkest ocean depths and check whether this claim is true. We decided to create our own little “zoo” with rare and unusual sea critters. Are the creatures living there as scary as people think? Well, let’s see.

At a depth of 3,200 ft, you can meet the cookiecutter shark. This creature is a parasite. It attaches itself to big fishes, dolphins, whales, and sometimes even people. Then, using its neatly arranged serrated teeth, it gouges out cookie-sized pieces of meat. At a depth of 4,000 ft, you see something droopy and saggy. The blobfish doesn’t have a skeleton or any muscle. Its jelly-like flesh lets the creature survive incredible water pressure. But despite its appearance, the blobfish is an ambush predator. Interested? Here are the most amazing sea creatures found deep within the ocean.


The northern stargazer 0:14
The sarcastic fringehead 0:41
The Game of Thrones brittle star 1:18
The giant squid 1:50
The vampire squid 2:17
The cookiecutter shark 2:40
The barreleye 3:09
The blobfish 3:35
The goblin shark 4:00
The frilled shark 4:23
The deep-sea dragonfish 4:53
The gulper eel 5:20
The deep-sea anglerfish 5:36
The black dragonfish 6:06
Pill bug 6:26
Zombie worms 6:53
The grideye fish 7:22
The tripod fish 7:41
The faceless cusk 8:12
Deep-sea cucumbers 8:37

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